Contested Divorce Los Angeles

What is a contested divorce

contested divorce is when you and your spouse can not come to an agreement on the terms of your divorce.  If you are trapped in a unagreeable situation with your soon to be ex- and you need an attorney who is willing to negotiate or fight to get you everything you want Call Us Now we will help you.
 A contested divorce is always the longest and hardest type of divorce. Usually, by the time you are in this stage of divorce, both parties are ready to fight it out to the end. There are times, however, when one party does not wish to end the marriage and feels that there may be an opportunity to reconcile, or when the party is not in agreement with the terms of a particular settlement proposal.

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Divorce Court

The process of a contested divorce in Los Angeles is straightforward. A divorce petition is served, the spouse responds to the petition, discovery is made known, and the settlement phase begins. Usually, the court will encourage you and your spouse, to attempt to settle outside of court. Divorce is more than a simple contract dissolution, it is the end of a loving relationship and two lives. Judges are highly sympathetic to this and tend to be encouraging when it comes to amicable out of court settlements. However, when this cannot proceed in a manner that is productive to both parties, then the divorce proceedings must begin.
Divorce proceedings are like any other trial. Witnesses are called to the stand and must provide accurate and honest answers to questions put before them. Just like in a criminal court environment the opposing party’s attorney has a right to question and cross-examine any witness brought forward. It is usually during this period that the divorce can feel a little “rough”. Seeing relatives, friends and even children on the stand can be heart-breaking, so we try our best to prepare everyone for what they will go through on the stand and in the courtroom well ahead of time. While divorce court is never ideal, many times the witnesses will open up a door for out of court settlement opportunity.
The attorneys here at Vangorodska Law are skilled in witness preparation, courtroom dialogue, and cross-examinations. We know how to get the best out of testimony and promote our client’s interests. We have a long list of happy clients who not only received the settlements and terms that they deserved out of their divorce but also were happy that we managed to achieve these goals with consideration to the feelings of those involved—especially when minor children are involved.

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We are the best-contested divorce attorneys in Los Angeles. You can count on us as your attorney to do what needs to be done. We will demand the best for you. We will seek settlement terms that are fair to you and we will ensure that you and any children you may have are taking care of.
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