Divorce Attorney Los Angeles

Divorce Attorney Los Angeles

Going through a divorce is never easy, but it doesn't have to be traumatic.We want you and your children to have a peace of mind during this difficult period. You and your children deserve to have the best that life has to offer!

Get everything you are entitled to under the Divorce laws in Los Angeles CA

We offer an entire support system to you during this difficult time in your life. Our dedicated team of attorneys will fight hard to make sure that you get your rightful share of assets and spousal maintenance. We are ready to go the distance once we accept your case. We work closely with you, religious counsel to help you obtain the right to divorce, remarry, and get custody of your children.
We are interested in taking measures that will aid you and your ex-spouse in having an amicable relationship after the divorce. We will make every effort to protect you and your children from emotional harm during the family law process.

We Are The Best Divorce Lawyers in Los Angeles

We are here to help you and protect you from the woes of divorce. Emerging from a divorce without financial worries can help you get a fresh start in life. Some of the pain from getting a divorce can be alleviated once you know that there is someone here to help you, to fight for you, to protect you.The line of communication and feelings between you and your spouse may have disappeared, but Divorce Attorneys Los Angeles can help you end your marriage in the best possible way. You may not have gotten your dream marriage but you can end your relationship on a positive note. We have an exceptional reputation for getting the best results for our clients.

Our Divorce Lawyers in Los Angeles are ready to fight for you
We can help you get everything you want in this challenging time. We have been very successful in dealing with all aspects of divorce in LA including:
  • Child Custody / Family Law
  • Same Sex Marriage Resolution
  • Contested Divorces
  • Uncontested Divorces
  • Standard Divorce
  • Religious Divorces
  • Change of Orders
  • Property Division
  • Mediation
  • Divorce Attorney Los Angeles
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Our law practice has been featured in many popular law periodicals. Our innovative strategies are now being taught at many prestigious law schools across the nation.

We specialize in unique divorces
  • Gay and Lesbian
  • Military
  • Faulty
  • Contested
  • High Net-Worth
  • Kidnapping
  • Abuse
  • Domestic Violence

Gay and Lesbian Divorce 
As divorce attorneys in Los Angeles, we will work hard to finding resolutions for your unique family situation. We work extremely hard at helping gay and lesbian couples deal with the unique challenges that you face during your martial dissolution. This includes child custody cases with a complicated biological entrails. Being a parent involves love and a strong commitment. We want to make sure that you and your child will still have a strong bond after the dissolution of your marriage or civil union.

Since 2011, gay and lesbian marriages in Los Angeles has received many judicial sanctions
We can now assist you in preparing all the legal documents that will help grant you benefits for legal and civil marriage resolution. Divorce is a probability in most marriages and our Los Angeles Family Attorneys work actively with the members of the lesbian and gay community to arrange for an amicable gay divorce.
Gay and lesbian couples are not the only families that have to deal with circumstances that fall outside the conventional American family. At this point, American law has not offered an adequate resolution for immigrants that are living with their extended families. We have worked diligently with the courts to develop fair and peaceful solutions that give will give you a chance to live safely with your children in the United States. We will not hesitate to work with you, your community, and your religious leaders, but we will not compromise your needs at any time!

Non-Traditional Family Law in Los Angeles

Often, religious communities, churches, and parishes refuse to submit their religious authority to the state of the union, and because of this, these couples can not have a civil marriage. As we have often seen before in such cases you need an expert to aid you in your divorce proceeding. It is extremely important to take these religious arbitrations to civil court. Our group of LA Divorce Attorneys will ensure that if you are a woman from one of these communities be it Jewish or Muslim we will make sure that you receive everything that you are due. We ensure that non-custodial parents contribute to every child in your family financially and emotionally. 


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We are here for you, we will devote time, energy, and resources to help you in every way possible. No case is too large, no opponent too intimidating for our firm.