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In Accordance to California law, Annulment ends a marriage that was never really “valid”. Annulment is almost like a divorce, except that you must declare that the marriage was never real or valid, whereas with a divorce you and your spouse both agree that the marriage was valid. The justice system in Los Angeles and throughout California does not approve every dissolution request. The requirements for an annulment are exacting, and you maybe be denied by the court and be forced to get a divorce instead of an Annulment. 
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Reason You Would Qualify for an Annulment in Los Angeles

  • The wedding or marriage was fake, such as a marriage to receive a green card
  • The marriage was forced instead of by consenting willingly
  • You or your spouse was not mentally competent at the time of the wedding
  • You or your spouse was not 18 years old at the time of the marriage
  • The wedding was incestuous because you and your spouse are blood-related
  • Your spouse has been missing five or more years or assumed to be dead returns
  • The marriage was bigamous because your spouse was already married to someone else
  • You never consummated the marriage

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